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High Altitude UFO Sighting from Airplane December 2015

I was on a flight last week and I saw this thing following our plane. First I thought it was another plane but after I took this picture it sped up so incredibly fast that it couldn't have been a plane. It was much faster that any plane ever made by humans, much faster. The only explanation I can think of is that it was a UFO.

    - Posted by George

Comments and Replies:
That is such a weird thing you caught on camera. Yeah it does look like a plane but no plane could move the way you described. Were you the only one on the flight who saw it? What flight was it exactly?
    - comment by Sally

Wow. That as a really neat picture. I fly often, and sometimes I saw an object like this too, and I thought they were airplanes. Will have to take a good look next time I am up in the air.
    - comment by Maxim

What flight exactly was this taken from? I'm curious if other flights in that flight corridor near the time had sightings as well.
    - comment by Jane

Looks like a plane. The army has high tech planes that move in ways we don't even know about.
    - comment by Kris


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Submitted by: George

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