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Round Object UFO Sighting from Fairfield, California December 2015

This is the UFO that was seen by several people last week. I took this picture of it but I have seen even better pictures taken by others. You can never have too many pictures of a UFO though, different angles and times etc..
I feel very fortunate to have witnessed this myself not just hearing it from others. It was a very powerful experience.

    - Posted by Sid
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Hey that looks just like the one in Madera. Check out my picture here on this site, looks the same. Tell me more about this UFO please. How did it behave and how long did you see it and what time was it exactly.
    - comment by Manuel

Tell us more about this UFO please. How did it move? Was the light from it stable or pulsating?
    - comment by Jane

Call me crazy but I think we're about to get invaded.
    - comment by Joe


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Submitted by: Sid

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