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Lights UFO Sighting from Baldwin Park, California December 30 2015

Anyone see the lights last night? I did! There were 5 lights moving in a row across the sky, orange lights. At one point they all made a full stop, changed order, then continued. The only manmade things that can move that way are helicopters, and these were not helicopters, they were quiet as mice.
I'm open for explanations but the only explanation I can think of is that they were UFOs.

    - Posted by Sheryl

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Could have been UFOs but could have been many other things as well. Rows of lights is a common UFO sighting, often without explanation.
    - comment by Kev

I am north of Baldwin Park in the foothills in summer nights frequently and sometimes winter eves I see slow moving lights floating from Covina towards Azusa. Hand held telescope view showed these were dry cleaner bags with candles under them.
    - comment by Homer


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