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Disc UFO Sighting from Temecula, California 1982

I remember back in 1982 I saw a UFO here in Temecula. I was only 6 when it happened but there were some other people who were adults that saw it too so it wasn't like it was kid's imagination, no it was real. There was a disc that flew calmly across the sky quite low down. It was a plain disc without any features and it was quite bright.
It wasn't very dramatic or scary, it just flew across the sky just like a plane would. Everyone else who saw it said there was no sound coming
    from it but I distinctively heard a very high pitch hissing sound. I guess only I had ears young enough to hear it.

    - Posted by Melissa

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So basically these discs have been coming around for decades and it appears they make high frequency sounds only kids and dogs can hear. Would be interesting if someone had an ultrasound recording.
    - comment by Frank


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