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Disc UFO Sighting from Brick, New Jersey January 29 2016

Ok so last night I'm out walking the dog, cold as hell let me tell ya. Suddenly I see this thing flying in the sky. It wasn't a plane or a helicopter, completely silent. Too fast to be a blimp, about as fast as a helicopter but no sound.
I took this picture of it. Went online to see if there was anyone else who'd seen it but nope... Well here it is. Thanks ufosentinel for posting this and hope to hear from some people who know about these things.

    - Posted
    by Champ

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Good picture champ. This is a classic disc UFO.
    - comment by Frank

These discs are all over the world right now. For the last few months they've been showing up everywhere. Not much talk about it off these sites though. Biggest cover-up in recent history. Let's see how long they can keep the lid on something like this in the internet age.
    - comment by Ronald

I saw the same image in the night sky in Buena NJ in 1996 slowly moving from north to south just above the tree lines.
    - comment by Anonymous 7632


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Submitted by: Champ

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