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Animal Mutilation UFO Sighting from Saint Cloud, Minnesota January 31 2016

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Last night I was up pretty late and I noticed bright light coming in through the window. I looked out and there was an almost blinding light in the sky just above the treetops. I live a few miles from Saint Cloud out in the woods alone so I was pretty scared. I got my gun out just in case and went back to the window to watch and see what would happen.
After a few minutes the light faded out and I could clearly see a thing where the light had been that looked like a Christmas
    ornament or something. It was shaped like an onion and had rows of lights along it. Looked to be about the size of my truck or a little bit bigger.
There was
a beam of light coming out of it pointing straight down to the ground like a spotlight or a searchlight. I couldn't see what it was shining on because of the trees. This was all about 50 yards from my house. After a few minutes the spotlight turned off and the onion shaped thing flew away straight up and I couldn't see it anymore.
I was really curious about what was out there that this UFO had been shining on but I was too scared to go out in the dark even with a gun in case they would come
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Submitted by: Vicky

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