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Disc UFO Sighting from Hillsboro, Oregon February 06 2016

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Disco lives on Mars
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I saw a disc last night in the sky. It was one of those glowing discs that are everywhere these days. I saw on this site alone there are dozens of reports about them. The one I saw was right here in Hillsboro a few minutes after 2am. I had heard about these discs before I saw it so I knew what it was but I was still surprised to see one.
I think it's very strange that they don't mention these things on the TV news. Why don't they?

    - Posted by Fred

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They don't mention it on the TV news because it's being kept under cover by the government. This is a big conspiracy. They look like complete idiots though because thanks to sites like this we can get the info anyway. TV news is 20th century stuff.
    - comment by Marty

What you need to do is to tell everyone about these discs. The media doesn't cover it and any site that dares to cover this gets mysteriously shut down. I'm surprised Ufosentinel is still live, only a matter of time I'm sure.
Tell everyone about the discs. This info must reach the masses. If can get everyone talking about it the cover-up fails.
    - comment by Ronald

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