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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Kaneohe, Hawaii July 2011

This happened to us in 2011, but we remember like it happened yesterday. My husband and I have lived in Kaneohe for all our lives and have never seen anything like this before. One night in the summer of 2011 we saw this triangular light above the water while we were walking by the sea off of Waikalua Road. It was flashing red and white while moving.

It didn't move fast and wasn't high up in the sky, so we were pretty sure it wasn't an aircraft. In fact, as we were watching
    it, it was swaying left and right. Then it stopped and stayed still for almost a minute before it took off in distance.

Has anyone in the area seen this?
We never asked anyone for fear of being made fun of.

    - Posted by J and B

Comments and Replies:

I remember seeing that! I used to live in Ahuimanu and if you go up into the woods back there it's really dark and you can actually see a lot of stuff going on in the sky that isn't stars or satellites.
    - comment by R O


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