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Disc UFO Sighting from Janesville, Wisconsin February 12 2016

I'm really worried now because I just saw a glowing disc UFO. I'm in Janesville and this just happened not long ago. A bright disc flew over my house. I got so scared, I thought it was going to do something but then it just continued on. I was very relieved. You never know what these things can do.

    - Posted by Evelyn

Comments and Replies:
You should worry because these things are our enemies. They have come to invade our planet.
    - comment by Jimmy

Not much point worrying about this. They won't attack your house they might invade our world but that's another story.
    - comment by Frank

No need to worry if they wanted to invade and destroy they would have long ago. You where lucky enough to witness a great mystery and we don't know for sure why they come. But if they wanted to harm why return people after abductions?
    - comment by Joe


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