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Disc UFO Sighting from Easton, Pennsylvania 1996

In 1996 I saw a UFO that looks like my drawing. I apologize for my poor artist skills but you get the idea I hope. This UFO was about 40 feet across and it was hovering above my house. It was making a hissing sound that woke me up. I opened the window to check on the sound and that's when I saw it right over the house. A few seconds after I had spotted it it started to glide away, slowly at first and then faster.
The recent wave of disc UFOs reminded me of this a bit but the
    one I saw was very different from the recent discs. Who knows, maybe they're related in some way.

    - Posted by Tim

Comments and Replies:

It could certainly be related to the recent discs. The recent glowing discs are probably some type of unmanned alien surveillance drones while the one you saw looks more like a crew vessel. Probably part of the same fleet.
    - comment by Frank


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Submitted by: Tim

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