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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Parkville, Maryland February 16 2016

I saw this while driving to work this morning. What is it. It was sitting still in the sky, not moving an inch. Is it a UFO or is there some other explanation. Did anyone else see it? There are so many UFO sightings these days, maybe this is one too.

    - Posted by Pauline

Comments and Replies:

I have heard about that UFO. Seems like you saw it from very far away. Others saw it closer up and there are probably better pictures circulating on the web (no offense). When I say circulating I mean they bounce around between people because the government keeps removing the best pictures they leave the fuzzy ones up that they can claim have non-alien explanations.
    They'll probably leave your picture up and claim it's a picture of an airplane.
    - comment by Frank

I think it could be a mothership of the recent discs; the discs are quite small and this holds them.
    - comment by Jimmy

It's a contrail.
    - comment by Pepperoni And Olives


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Submitted by: Pauline

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