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Disc UFO Sighting from Red Top, South Carolina 1990

I was renting a trailer in Red Top, South Carolina from a boyfriend's mother. It was night time. I was in the kitchen when I saw a bright light shining through the windows and I thought it was my boyfriends friends driving up in a truck with those lights on top. I thought to myself who is coming here at this time of night.
I went to open the door and all I saw was a bright light that stopped right in front of the porch and went all the way out to a river that was in front of the property.
    It was so bright that it made the red car I had parked in the yard look powder blue.
I looked up and there just above the pine trees was a matte silver round
shaped disk. The light was coming from underneath. And I could see lights around it that were red, orange, and yellow. I was shocked. There was no noise at all. Then a flash a lighting and rain began to fall it was gone.

    - Posted by Erin


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