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Abduction UFO Sighting from Waltham, Massachusetts 1968

Throughout my entire childhood I was being constantly abducted by aliens. I drew a picture for you all to see what they looked like. Please bear in mind that this was before these Greys as they have now come to be known were a major subject of pop culture. No I saw these little creatures before they were public knowledge.
The first time that I know for sure I was abducted was in 1968. I awoke in the middle of the night and saw a creature like the one I drew for you. I was in a strange
    place that looked like the inside of a freight plane or a submarine. I passed out right after this. I kept having several episodes like this until 1975 when it
stopped. It never happened again as far as I know.

    - Posted by Sylvia


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Submitted by: Sylvia

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