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Boomerang Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Alpine, New Jersey March 22 2016

Approximately 9:00PM - 9:10 PM On 9-W North (Ywo lane road along the Palisades Cliffs - NJ side of Hudson River) at The Thomas J. Lipton T Company, saw what appeared to be a boomerang shaped object on bright light in middle and several lights on wings or sides.
Got past Clinton Avenue. Pulled over and saw (from underneath) a large diamond shaped, with some sort of girders or structure but no noise. This thing was massive at least as Large as George Washington Bridge. Proof Alpine
    Police, and Englewood Cliffs Police, people reported sightings.
In addition, this object flew from northwest down to southeast towards Long Island which was
later described in Whitley Strieber's Communion by his friend or witness at back of the book. So I am NOT CRAZY!

    - Posted by Anonymous


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