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Metallic Object UFO Sighting from Richmond, Kentucky 2016

Once in day light near Kirksville school. Me and my sister in law saw a metallic object; seemed to stay in place, but then moved about in irregular pattern before suddenly disappearing.
I will say however for this to be a small ''no place'' area I'm convinced at the very least that they test some sort of air planes or weird things around here. Loud plane or helicopter sounds are a regular over my house and nearby at any time at night. Right now it's 1:37 am and it wouldn't
    bother me but it sounds so close like really low and as I said it's an almost nightly thing?? Some sort of night time drills maybe? Who knows... I'm a true believer
but I gotta say I'm leaning more towards military type stuff at the moment.
Oh weird thing also my husband and his crew had previously talked about seeing the same weird metallic object (daytime) while on a job. Funny thing is he hadn't mentioned it till me and my sister in law were describing what we saw; and surprise they were at the same location when they saw it weeks before. Near Kirksville school.

    - Posted by Paint Lick


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