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Lights UFO Sighting from Fields, Oregon July 2014

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First landing and establishment of mining base on Ceres
A joint mission by several mining companies today landed a on Ceres to begin the construction of an ...
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Soviets announce new psychos only policy for Mars
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I am not sure what it was. It is hard to describe. Well here goes. My wife, daughter, and I were out rock hounding in July of 2014. We ended up in Fields, Oregon about ten at night. ''Low on fuel,'' and when I said low I meant half tank which doesn't seem low, but if you have ever gone through Oregon, you know that not every gas station has gas. I parked the car in front of a gas station. It was closed, so we decided to sleep in the car out in front of the gas station till it would
    open. It was so hot. We couldn't sleep, so we just lay in the car. About 2 am a guy came out and said ''you can't stay here.''
I told him my predicament of having
low fuel. Then I asked him if there were any gas stations open. He told me 50 miles up Steen Highway right near Roam there was a gas station. I told him I did have enough fuel to get there.

I started up Steen Highway, and about 15 miles up the highway there was no pavement. Then I noticed that there were no homes with power or light from their porch light. Thirty-six miles up about 2:45 am I started to see a line of what looked like electricity about 12'' to 20'' long, and it
First Americans land on Mars
After being beat to Mars by several Soviet crews, the Americans today finally made a successful land...
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Soviets first on Mars with humans
Krasnyy Mars Drakon 2 lands. First successful human landing on Mars and establishment of permanent o...
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