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Disc UFO Sighting from Goose Creek, South Carolina 1988

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In 1988 I saw a disc shaped UFO a bit outside Goose Creek. I was driving home late and I seemed to be the only car out. Suddenly a bright light passed over my car from behind and shined a bright light down on the dashboard as it passed. It was going about twice as fast as me and after it had passed me and the light from it was not blinding me any more I could see it quite clearly.
It was a disc shaped vessel with a bump on top with a number of round circles arranged on
    the bottom evenly spaced along it. From the center came a wide bright light, like a big spotlight. That was what had lit up my car as it passed. It was illuminating
the road beneath it as it passed, almost like a police helicopter would do. Almost made me think it was looking for a specific car or something along the road.
I saw it clearly for a few seconds, but I could follow it with my eyes for almost a minute as it kept going up the road. It was a very strange experience, one that I'll never forget.

    - Posted by Anonymous
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