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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Johnston, Rhode Island April 22 2016

Naruemonia mutineers headed for Haumea
Space police say the hijacked spaceship Naruemonia is most likely headed for Haumea. A recent course...
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Mutiny on the Naruemonia
Just two days into its maiden voyage a mutiny has taken place on the Naruemonia. It appears the pass...
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I was driving dropping off my boy .. It was late out so I took the back roads home. Trees on both sides when a large low flying object veered in front of us over the tree line flying just higher than the trees. At first I thought it was a jet; it looked like it had jet engines or something. They were really bright blue lights with a little bit of green was really most of what I could see besides the one light at the point of it which was much dimmer, it was a triangle shape ...
    didn't make any noise and was moving very slow. I was only going about 45 and keeping up with it. It then elevated and went off over the tree line.

- Posted by Anonymous


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