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Landing UFO Sighting from Stevens Point, Wisconsin 1970

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In 1970 I witnessed a UFO landing. It was a bright round ball, looked to be roughly 50 feet across lowered itself behind the trees. I ran towards it, I was young and stupid, today I would have run the opposite direction except of course I can't run that fast any more. That's beside the point though. When I got to where I could see it I saw that it was hovering about 2 or 3 feet off the ground. I would call that a landing, but others have disagreed with me since it never actually
    touched the ground.
Well call it what you will, I call it a landing. That's also beside the point. It was hovering like that for a minute and then it shot up
into space like a rocket.
I've told hundreds of people about this over the years; some believe me some don't, doesn't matter what non-believers think, it's their problem, the story is true.

    - Posted by John

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My family witnessed (in 1970 near Stevens point) 3 UFO's hovering over a barn near Shantytown.
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