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Missing Time Event UFO Sighting from South Hill, Virginia 1976

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In the fall of 1976 or 77 I was living in South Hill, VA. I took a night class at Southside Community College in Victoria. I had attended one or two classes and was driving north for my next class. As I passed a side road, I had an urge to turn off, and I did. Soon after turning off my car a 1971 Plymouth Fury just suddenly died. The engine quit, and all the lights went out. I tried to restart it, and nothing happened. I got out and walked up the road a short distance to a
    house that had a light on. I rang the door bell, and after a while a rather irritated man came to the door. He seemed to be just putting on his clothes. I thought
to myself that it was rather early to be in bed. I told him I was having car trouble and needed to call a tow truck. He looked over my shoulder and asked if that was my car. I was surprised that he could see my car from where we were standing. I turned around, and there was my car right in front of the house.

It was running and all the lights were on. I was dumbfounded and embarrassed. I apologized and said I would try it. When I got home I went to bed. As I undressed, I noticed
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