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Abduction UFO Sighting from Brattleboro, Vermont 1976

I went through a series of alien abductions as a child. Of course no one ever believed me. This was 40 years ago now but I'm still having nightmares about it to this day. They would show up in my room and that was all I would remember. I would wake up in the morning feeling sick in general.
They were short people with big heads and long arms. When I was a kid I had no reference on which to create these creature in my mind if I would have wanted to do that. Of course when
    I got older and was exposed to reports of similar creatures I realized that these were the people that had terrorized me in my childhood.

- Posted by Diana

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Whitehouseufo. blogspot. ca/wikileaks John Podesta leaks.

I believe you it happened to me 40 years ago in VT too.
    - comment by S. M.


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