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Bright Object UFO Sighting from Hastings, Nebraska 1980

In 1980 when I was a kid we visited my uncle outside Hastings, Nebraska. I was ten and I was sleeping on my uncle's couch when I was awakened by a bright light coming in through the patio door, like if a car had pulled up with it's high-beams on. I looked out but couldn't see a thing due to the blinding light. I thought it was a car so I wasn't worried.
I kept trying to look but saw nothing until the light started fading and I could see that it was coming from a weird flying
    object. It was round and the size of a beach ball and was hovering in the air about a 3 feet off the ground.
I freaked out and screamed for my mom who came running
from the guest room. When she got to me the thing was still there and she saw it too. She grabbed me and we ran to my dad who was deep asleep. He woke up and went out to check but it was gone.

    - Posted by Michael


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