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Metallic Object UFO Sighting from Granby, Massachusetts 1976

I was about ten years old when I was with my aunt visiting our other aunt who lives in Granby. All the adults were sitting in the kitchen, so I decided to go outside to play. I was out in the backyard when I saw what looked like an extremely large round silver object (which I thought was a weird shaped plane.) It was hovering as if it was almost standing still directly above their house.
It was so close to the roof that it looked like it was only a few feet above the roof.
    What was odd was that it wasn't making a loud noise that planes normally make. I ran into the house to ask if they heard or felt the vibrations of a plane hovering,
and they said ''no''. They were all looking at me as if I was telling a story. I told them to come out and look, and they all came out quickly, but it was gone. Again upon exit no noise or vibration. To me it looked enormous. The circumference was that of the whole house. To this day I remember this as if it happened yesterday.

    - Posted by Bobbysgirl


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