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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Bossier City, Louisiana 2016

I've seen one several times now in the same general area which is making me think it could be something from BAFB. The UFO I'm talking about is being viewed from the Lake Bistineau/Elm Grove/Haughton area. I know it's definitely being controlled by something though. Sometimes it hovers in the same spot for a while. It looks sort of like a twinkling star that's close. Other times it will drop down super fast as in faster than any technology I've seen to date. It can move right,
    left, up, down, diagonally, and yes I'm sure it's not a drone.

It moves great distances in an instant. It's unreal. Also sometimes the lights flash. Other
times they will shut off completely, but there is still a faint bluish white light outlining it, so it's viewable even with the lights out. I have an old iPhone4s, so I'm not able to zoom enough for a decent picture. I even tried to record it with my Sony Handycam, and it was too blurry. Wish I had a way to record it though. Found this website by Google searching other sightings, and I'm really surprised there aren't any other mentions of this. By the way, I do have three witnesses as well.

    - Posted by Mrs. A


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