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Row Of Lights UFO Sighting from Middlebury, Vermont July 2016

Has anyone else been seeing strange lights moving around in the sky in and near Middlebury? For the last few nights if you go out and look at the sky, you have to keep looking for a while, you'll see rows of lights travelling across the sky very fast. They are much faster than any kind of plane. They are like shooting stars but they don't burn out, they just go out of sight and many in a row and going straight across the sky.
I've been seeing these lights for 4 nights straight,
    about half an hour apart on average. Once I counted 4 sets in one hour but that was the most. I'm going out again tonight and I hope others do to.

- Posted by April

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On 1/30/2021 around 5:30 pm I saw a bright orange object moving fast. It looked like a orange ball of fire. In Middlebury Vermont it was headed towards New York way. I watched it for about 20 mins outside my apartment window.
    - comment by Jeanette Wheeler


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