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Lights UFO Sighting from Smicksburg, Pennsylvania August 2015

Around August 2015 I saw red, blue, green, and white lights in a cluster looking for something in a hay field around 2:15 am. Then the dog next door started yelping like it was being attacked. The next day I went to check on the dog.
He was OK but a couple of days later the lights came back and the next morning the dog was missing. I lived in Smicksburg for 17 years and I have seen a lot of things out there I can't explain. Two or three men in black in an orange helicopter
    with no numbers on it, and it didn't make a sound at all.
Back in the early 80s a biplane passed over a jet and stars that suddenly moved with great speed.
Go out on a clear night find a hill or rooftop and look up and see for yourselves.

    - Posted by Troy

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I lived in Dunmore, PA back in 2013. I was in my room with open windows the day was peaceful no breeze at all. Time was about at 4 pm. All of a sudden a red light tried to get in my room but it bounced to window and to neighbors roof then my window curtain blew like if there was a hurricane but day was calm no air blowing outside nor inside.
Weird experience!! The weird thing about this experience is that my neighbors roof had a triangle shape. I've been told that triangles shapes attract bad stuff.
    - comment by Irene


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