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Saucer Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Keene, New Hampshire 1966

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Pine Avenue. Lights near WKBK tower viewed from SE-facing bedroom window. Approx. 10:00 pm.

I saw indistinct shape through elm tree branches from about one mile away. Only saw lights like disco ball north of tower. They were white, red, blue or green in tight rotation. The ball appeared by my guess about 300-400 feet from WKBK radio tower. It looked to me like a red flare was launched in a flight from the disco ball towards the tower, maybe five or seven times at same speed
    and position, but I don't think reaching it.

I realized later that I was probably seeing a large unknown hovering stationery and rotating counter clock-wise
(to the right) object. I called to my Dad in the downstairs living room telling him what I was seeing, saying it was not showing FAA regulation lighting. My Dad gave an indistinct dismissing response. I shrugged it off and stopped watching. Then I went to bed and slept right away. I don't understand that myself, thinking back on the event.

Here's the cliché, though. The next day I visited my best friend, Garnet, at his house on Nelson Street two streets East of Pine Avenue.
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