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Abduction UFO Sighting from Rochester, New York 1963

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In Greece, NY I was standing on Howedale Drive about 8 pm. I was in August and was still daylight. I was looking toward Lake Ontario and stared at what looked like a telephone pole hanging a few hundred or less feet in the sky. I was only 8 years old and did not know what I was looking at. That night I had the worse dream of my life. There were creatures that looked like the classic grey aliens' faces above me with bright white light behind them. One made a mad face and closed its
    nostrils flat when another put something that looked like some kind of meat near its face. I was so afraid. After that I did not know a dream could be so scary.

year later at about the same time the nightmare happened again (without the meat part. ) After that I noticed a small 3/8'' by 1/8th long rubbery thing sticking out of the back of the back my neck. I was not thinking it had anything to do with my ''dream'' for almost 20 years. At some point I scratched it off, (it really hurt) and I think the bottom part is still in my neck. Five years ago when revisiting NY (I now live in Michigan. ) My brother said he saw a UFO when he was a kid.  
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