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Lights UFO Sighting from Duncannon, Pennsylvania October 25 2016

Two nights in a row at about 7 pm in the same spot I've seen this huge light blinking a bright orange and red color over the mountains. It hovers for about an hour then it moves down behind the trees, then back up a few times like it's playing peek a boo. Then the light fades and it's gone.
It's too low and too big to be a star, and planes don't do that. I've been looking online hopping I can find anyone seeing what I've been seeing the pass two days and I'm finding nothing

    - Posted by Sherrie

Comments and Replies:

I have same thing your explaining on video. I took it a week or two ago. It was a huge red and orange orb looked like a Chinese lantern lit up in the sky but much bigger and went across tree line then disappeared and kept coming back and disappearing.
I've never seen nothing like it before. Was definitely a UFO!!! I live in eerie PA. In Harborcreek township PA to be exact.
    - comment by Matt


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