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Triangular Object UFO Sighting from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania November 03 2016

Last night approx 9:15 pm at Rt 191 and Rt 22 McDonalds my daughter and I saw a strange white light heading our way while placing an order at the drive through. As I pulled around to pay it looked very strange, but I lost sight of it.
My daughter got out of the window as I was paying and looked over the van and said in a shaky voice ''my God dad it's a triangle! ''. She went on to say it was missing the back line. It was a boomerang! The white light at the front was so bright
    it lit up the whole thing.
She saw it very clear. It stopped and what she described as a glitch it sputtered and stopped. It then went up and vanished. 11/3/16.
She was excited and also shaken and I could hear it in her voice.

    - Posted by Annoy


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