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Orb UFO Sighting from Hayward, California 1999

In the late 90s I saw an orb plus 8 others to Meekland and Blossom. It came to me when I flashed my flash light at it. Next thing you know I was covering my eyes looking through fog. The next thing I know it was daylight and there was a cloud above me in the sky that evaporated slowly; the only cloud in the sky.
My friend who was with me took off before it all started. An orb pulsating about ten telephone poles up.
When we first saw it there were other witnesses in front
    of Calhons Bar and in front of laundry shop by Willow; they said it was huge. I couldn't see it, just fog and bright light above. Friends were at Grove Park saw
it too; it was just before the sun came up. There is about 8 witnesses. It made it's own cloud when it took off. They say it was gone in seconds.

    - Posted by Haskell Story


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