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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Longneck, Delaware

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Everyday the sky is sprayed in Longneck De behind the Wawa on 24. No one pays attention to it like they're all oblivious to everything. Drones. Narrow minded. Head down looking at phone never looking up. I don't know if the American race has grown a couple extra chromosomes or not or if I'm just bat shit crazy. I can't believe everyone has fallen for the election and all the drama prior. I'm pretty sure lab rats have better common sense. I've always felt bad about people that
    claim the world is over every five minutes. I feel like I'm one of those now. I feel alone. I have a electrical vibe going through my body constantly now.

have fear, but I'm also working on acceptance of the powerlessness I have. Life will never be the same. It's hard to grasp. These pictures I have are really detailed. Some of them are a ship, angels, demons, some look like a different dimension, and some look like heaven and hell.

I'm pretty sure that if this is real this post would never go viral, or I'm dead for saying something. Whichever. Hopefully if it's true they just take my family and I with them. I feel like I've never
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Submitted by: Takeme&famwithyou!

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