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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Longneck, Delaware

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  belonged here anyways. I don't understand the cruelty of humans. If not, then see for yourself. Am I going crazy? Do I need meds to fit into this world?

    - Posted by Takeme&famwithyou!

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Pictures that look like angels, demons, heaven, hell . . . Sounds like a Rorschach indicating a lack of grounding in reality/this set of space-time coordinates. Or you're in the beam of whatever tech at Dover AFB turns off rain (90 minutes before, DAFB was in H. Sandy's direct path; compare precip at DAFB with locations 10 miles away . . . In 2000, they all received equal precipitation).
It seems to have a side effect of increasing ambivalence and hopelessness. My anxiety levels SOARED. My formerly kind, thoughtful husband became a violent, narcissistic sports nut (after a skull fracture & other injuries, I had him tested for Toxoplasmosis Gondii--nope). Much better in Wilmington, despite greater proximity to Salem nuclear power plant and daily gunfire. .
    - comment by GoNorthOldMan


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