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Disc UFO Sighting from Trinidad, Colorado

It's in the sky every night. Too bright low and close to be a star. I took multiple pictures and zoomed them in. They're a distinct dark disc shape that appears every time and it's only in the sky for so long then it's gone.

    - Posted by Johnny Trujillo

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We live in Colorado. We live in the city of Trinidad, the city next to New Mexico. We live about 20 away from New Mexico.

Anyone believe in Aliens?

For about 3 months my wife and I believe we are being watched. Recently we have opened our minds and researched the Illuminati and educated ourselves on the NWO and Government. Being around May 2016.

Around August , we noticed what looked like a UFO watching our window in the sky every night for about 2 weeks. Would only appear at night. We joked around saying what if we were being watch.

Recently on Halloween the ''UFO'' had parked in the sky by our house for 2 weeks. Another local got a picture and it was a disc shape object.

So about on Nov. 15,2016 at night or day.... We drive in our car and look at the sky. The UFO follows us everywhere we go. We decided to play tag to tonight and drove around town. Guess what? We were being CHASED! We stopped at a park for 10 mins. The UFO parked again and started lowering. We watched it about a half mile from us. When we decided to play again, we moved out and drove. We lost it Finally! 30 mins of being followed. This happened before everyday we leave but today we decided to make sure we are right.
        - comment by Unknown


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