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Saucer Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Culver City, California

This experience didn't happen to me, it happened to my aunt and cousin who are very respectable people, but no one believed them but me. They were out shopping at a grocery store in Culver City, California. When they finished and got out to the parking lot and started putting their groceries in the trunk of their car, they looked up, and there was a large saucer type big thing, they couldn't explain it.
This thing was hovering silently above them, then it just took off at
    the speed of light. They said other people that were in the parking lot experienced this too. But no one believed them when their story was told, just laughed
at them. I believe them, it's just amazing how boldly that UFO came so close to them and others, they could have been abducted in daylight. I'm so glad they weren't. This happened many years ago. Both my aunt and my cousin have suffered from unusual illness over the years.

    - Posted by Brenda

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I have seen programs on abductees and they suffer from radiation illness. Have their doctors see if they are suffering after affects of being exposed to radiation..
    - comment by Ellie


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