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Unspecified UFO Sighting from Devine, Texas 1973

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I know that everyone wants pictures, but then we didn't have cell phones, so just believe my story. There were three of us. We were around 15 years old. It was almost getting dark and partly cloudy. We were checking on some baby owls in a hole in a tree. Then two of my friends were looking at the owls, and I was waiting for my turn. I was looking south. Then I saw this light come down from the clouds, and I was joking, saying ''look, a UFO.'' We laughed, but then there was silence.
    Then the light stopped for a few seconds. Then it shot straight up into the clouds and came back down. Then it again went straight up into the clouds, and then
it came down near my friend's house.

We ran the way it came down low. It was so close that I could have thrown a rock and hit it. There was no sound, and the bad part is that I couldn't see the body. It had two head lights kind of looked like a car hovering. It knew we were there because it would flash a light at us. It was as if it was taking a picture or maybe saying hello. I told my friends ''get your mom, so she can see, or no one would believe us. She came out, and
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