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Lights UFO Sighting from Rocky Hill, Connecticut December 30 2016

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In November 2015 I noticed what looked like a round bright object in the sky following me. This only happened at night. That was when I could see it. This went on until the 4th of July. Then it stopped. I went to Rocky Hill, CT on 12/28/2016 for an appointment. When I came out it was dark up in the sky. There stood what looked like a bright star. It freaked me out a little as I was driving back to Milford. It looked as if it was following me, but I was saying to myself ''it's probably
    just standing there, and you can see it from any direction.''

I left my home at night on 12/30/2016 to drive to Bridgeport when the bright star started following
me. I could see it on the driver side. It was along side of me in the sky. I started thinking maybe it was just standing there and not moving along. I drove a little faster, and it was not along side of me. I looked ahead at traffic. Then I looked again at the sky, and the bright star was along side of me as if it knew what I was thinking. It was seen only from my side of the car, and it followed me until I got home shining bright and close. I could see it outside my kitchen window.  
Murder during first Lapetus landing
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Titan receives first human settlers
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