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Aliens UFO Sighting from Clovis, New Mexico 1959

While walking home from corner RX All drug store it was dark and street lights were on. In front of me coming toward me was a tall figure with a large head and long arms. The street light was behind this figure shining in my eyes therefore I could only make out the silhouette.
It was probably 30ft from me. I got scared and crossed the street running and ran home going through the front door of my house screaming someone is after me. My father was a policeman; he was at
My mother was home; she grabbed her pistol and ran to the front door. She did not see anyone. I think about this often. It happen a very long time ago.

- Posted by Randy

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Spouse was Air Force stationed there 1990s and saw a UFO. He is intelligent serious and doesn't joke around. I believe his story. Things cannot fly like he saw them fly.
    - comment by Anonymous 2227


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