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Lights UFO Sighting from Barkhamsted, Connecticut October 1970

Oct 1970 my girl friend and I were parked on the dam that holds back the water of the upper reservoir and the lower lake. There was another couple parked behind and left of us. We had just started to doing what we came there to do, but had not gotten completely into the activity we went there for.
We were facing east over the lower lake. We saw a light that appeared all of a sudden over the lake. It then moved instantaneously to the right, then up, then over, then down. My girlfriend
    got really scared, she quickly arranged herself and said she wanted to get out of there because she said she sensed that ''it was watching us ! ''.
The instant
I put my headlights on the light ''flew'' off to the north, then it appeared to disappear.

    - Posted by Stefan Bandera


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