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Orb UFO Sighting from Ricetown, Kentucky April 11 2017

Orbs of light in forest behind house. They appeared last year for 5-7 days as well. Last night I saw one light upon two times going out with dog. Last year's sightings started one night with one light, but over a 5-7 day period multiple lights arrived to this location and flew all around.
This is following a pattern. Can't be drones. I feel they'd crash with the amount of trees branches in this forest because at times so many were out here they would have crashed into each other
    as well.
Was too early for lightning bugs. I noticed similar sightings on same dates in Clay Co, in at or near Manchester and one lady says she's seen them nightly
for 13 years. I'm not surprised as I almost ''got used'' to seeing them last year. Almost I say. Too creepy to accept as commonplace.

    - Posted by Brown


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