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Lights UFO Sighting from Fort Pierce, Florida

On just about any clear night west of Fort Pierce, FL you can see star like objects move to and fro from just about any direction. Some will flare up, and sometimes there will be two together almost touching. I have seen them disappear directly above me in the sky while others will go from horizon to horizon. Some appear to only be 10,000 feet in the sky. Others seem to be in the firmament. One night I saw twelve within one hour.

I have looked at these objects with binoculars,
    and they have only one light source. I have yet to see any with multiple lights. They appear to look like stars. Also for those who think they are satellites, one
night a star like object moved up and down and to my right and then to the left. Since when do satellites move in every direction and appear to do this in a small portion of the sky?

    - Posted by Anonymous


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