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Lights UFO Sighting from Eden, Texas July 23 2017

My deer camp is located between Eden and Millersview. Saturday night about 10 pm was turning out my lanterns and was about to hit my tent for sleep when I saw 3 bright orange and red balls staggered in the sky maybe 5 miles away.
They were traveling straight up and a slow pace and stopped a couple of times . When they stopped rays or skirt-like glowing things appeared from the bottoms of the lights. I watched them for about 5 minutes as the rose straight up and faded until they
    disappeared. Honest to God truth.

    - Posted by Chris

Comments and Replies:

Dude, definitely believe that. I saw the exact same thing in the late 90s near lake. Now I am currently here for work (2018-19). I have seen similar lights twice within several months northeast of Eden. The first of which was simply a single unexplainable light moving in odd patterns very close to town. I have two drones and could not have been that. The second of which was on 02/14/2019 at 7:22 pm.
There were multiple orangish glowing/flickering lights that appeared and disappeared almost exactly like the Marfa lights do, except very far above ground fading in and out possibly 4-7 lights at a time.
Then they all faded away slowly all at once. Had there been six or eight helicopters about 5 to 7 miles away with search lights on all moving in different directions at varying heights and then all leaving the area simultaneously with no blinking tail beacons, this might make sense. However, with no military base nearby, it is incredibly unlikely. Anybody else see this on Valentine's evening between Melvin and Eden?
    - comment by Chad


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