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Lights UFO Sighting from Adel, Georgia August 2008

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I live in the country, so no one lives behind me. There are just fields and woods. One evening I was relaxing on the deck talking to my stepdaughter. I had my back to the field and she said ''what is that?'' I turned around, and I saw this huge orange and red ball. I have a very old oak tree, and it is big. This ball was about halfway up the tree in the sky, so I ran inside and woke up my hubby who jumped right out of bed and went out the back door. He was followed by my son
    and my preggo daughter-in-law, so five of us watched this.

I grabbed my camera and video camera, and we all watched this ball split into six balls! We sat
there and saw them turn back to one. We sat there watching. Then it disappeared into a pin light, white and very small. This light moved very fast in weird directions. It went straight up, to the right, down very fast, and then disappeared. Right after that several jets came flying over the house in that direction.

We are not too far from Moody Air Force Base. While we were watching this I called my sister who lived about two miles around the corner from me, and they couldn't see
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