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Rectangular Object UFO Sighting from Eidson, Tennessee October 1982

I was ten. My older brother (age 11) mother and I, along with a neighbor and his son, all saw a huge rectangular UFO directly across the gravel road from our little gray house hovering silently above a wooded hill. It was dusk and in the autumn season. We took flashlights and hiked to the top of the hill. The UFO just hovered silently and still directly above us at this point.

It was dark now, so we couldn't see the body of the craft anymore, but there were round lights
    all over it in no set pattern or design in many different colors: white, green, blue, yellow, and red. We looked at it for a while, and it didn't do anything but
basically floated there. Shortly thereafter my mother said that it was time for bed, so we went back to the house and soon fell asleep. We were too poor to afford film and batteries for our camera, unfortunately. The next morning of course it was gone.

    - Posted by Paula


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