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Lights UFO Sighting from Yellow Springs, Ohio September 15 2017

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I don't live in Yellow Springs, but my mother and I had went to see an art gallery at the recommendation of a friend and ended up visiting other galleries and going out to eat. By the time we left it was pitch black outside. It was much too dark to read the atlas, and there were barely any signs in the area, so I opened my GPS on my phone to get us back to I-71. The GPS seemed to work fine. However, as we followed it out of town, we realized we were nowhere near where we first
    came in.

When we had arrived at Yellow Springs it was almost like the freeway dropped us off right in the center of town. It was quick and easy, but in leaving
we found ourselves on back roads winding through cornfields with not even reflectors to light our way. My phone said ''turn left,'' and there was no left turn to make. Only blackness. It was like something out of Children of the Corn. There was no moon, only starlight.

Rounding a corner my mother turned her head towards the driver's side window and exclaimed ''wow, that star is huge!'' She slowed the car. I looked too and saw a sphere of light in the sky, and it was huge.
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