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Saucer Shaped Object UFO Sighting from Ozone Park, New York 1970

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In Ozone Park, Queens, NY. A citing was seen by many people in the neighborhood. A flying saucer. We made the News, Channel 5. My cousin and Aunt made a statement and it was aired. Would love to find that taping, however, cannot. A rumor was that this so called ''flyer saucer'' was an advertisement for ''Allen Carpet''. Never acknowledged that.

    - Posted by Susan Guglietta
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In reply to the women about the UFO in ozone Park in the early 70s. I grew up in ozone Park in an area called tudor village. I was 11 in the summer of 71 where many neighbors saw a UFO although I was not out on that day I did read about it the next day in the queens Long Island press.
They did say it probably was the allan carpet ad plane witch I did see a few days later n clearly one would know the difference.
    - comment by John Riverso

Many members of my family saw this occurs very and say it was clear as day. The Allen carpet theory was offensive to say the least . I believe my grandmother has this footage of the news recording. I'd love to hear other people's memory of this.
    - comment by Vincent Mormando

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