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Abduction UFO Sighting from Toms River, New Jersey

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This really happened to me. I had been seeing strange things in the night sky for months before this happened to me. Most things you can dismiss as airplanes, but what I saw were no airplanes. I never saw a UFO up close, but I saw strange objects that did things that airplane don't and can't do especially the way they moved, and they love to hide behind clouds.

Anyway, all I remember is lying in my bed and a woman whispering in my ear ''now don't peak. '' I remember shaking
    my head as to say ok and holding my eyes tightly. At that time I heard loud engine type sounds. It was so loud it was like I was standing behind an engine of an
airplane. I was scared but not scared enough that I felt something bad was going to happen to me. I heard what sounded like a large metal door was opening. At this time my body began to shake as though I were having convulsions from head to toe. I knew at this time I was not in my room. It was like I was being teleported back to my room.

When I knew everything was safe and ok I opened my eyes, and it was around 2 am. I remember jumping up and being very happy and going into the
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