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Abduction UFO Sighting from Woburn, Massachusetts May 16 1979

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  believed were inspectional instruments inside of her to look at her unborn baby.

Now as I mentioned earlier, sometimes when my mother got upset, she would run to the bathroom. This was unfortunately not merely to collect herself, but rather because she suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, or I.B.S. A sufferer of a fairly severe case myself, I can attest that it can sometimes be triggered by even the smallest stressor, including being stung by a bee or hornet.

    one can imagine that being pregnant, kidnapped and invasively observed, is a fairly stressful situation for anyone, and my mother's bowels soon gave way all over
her captors. The shock of this expulsion caused the being holding the instrument inside of her to quickly jerk its arm. The beings all went still. My mother then remembered that everything went white like it had before, and she suddenly found herself back in bed with my father; the both of them covered in her mess.

When she tried to tell people what had happened, many thought her story was just a poor excuse for having an accident in bed. My father, especially, was understandable
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