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Abduction UFO Sighting from Woburn, Massachusetts May 16 1979

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  one of her harshest critics, having woken up covered in his wife's fecal matter. The diary even mentioned the incident almost caused them to divorce.

Additionally, at this point in time in Woburn, the quality of the water in town had been linked to possibly causing some forms of cancer, and many thought my mother had simply hallucinated everything after drinking the controversial water. Eventually, with nobody believing her, she stopped trying to tell her story.

I was born shortly
    thereafter with a cleft palette, and though she never told me to my face, in her diary, she speculated that when the being had jerked its arm, the instrument inside
of her had accidentally nicked my lip in the womb.

While I obviously can't prove any of this, or even verify it with my father, who I have not spoken to since he started an eBay business that DIRECTLY competes with my own, my mother would have no reason to lie in a diary she reasonably assumed nobody would ever read. I AM A BELIEVER.

    - Posted by Greg
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