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Abduction UFO Sighting from Woburn, Massachusetts May 16 1979

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  (3) Turning South on 66th Street (aka ''The Pioneer Blacktop), that leads to Pioneer High School (located on the corner of 66th Street and Wood Road);
(4) Across from the high school in a farmer's wheat field, I caught sight of a flat/circular object (with a possible circumstance of 16 to 18 feet), that was lined with multicolored LED-type lights, and hovering/levitating about 7 to 8 feet above the ground!
(5) I of course ''freak out'' and speed up to turn west on Wood Road, to head approximately
    five miles towards Highway 81 and the town of Waukomis!
(6) But, it wasn't long before a second medium-sized triangular-shaped craft (from out of nowhere), started
following and pacing my 1991 Ford Escort (as I was doing anywhere from 80 to 85 MPH, for several miles down this stretch of Wood Road!
(7) When, I finally reached Highway 81 and Waukomis, this bizarre object decided to ''give up'' on the chase, and quickly lifted up into the sky and seemingly vanished!
(8) To this very day, I still question my sanity, and my sense of what's real and what isn't!
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Thank you for sharing your story and reading my comments.
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Sincerely, Mike W. Bandit / Enid, Oklahoma / Wednesday, September 15th, 2021.
    - comment by Mike W. Bandit


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